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Year 1 & 2 - Mrs G Heald

Welcome to Year 1 & 2



Welcome back after the half term break. We hope you've had a lovely time.


Our Topic this Spring term is:

Fun Food Factory


See the source image



We cannot wait to begin our new topic. During this term, we will be learning about where our food comes from and how it grows. We will be researching, designing and producing our own pizzas and packaging. The children will be working on their team work skills as they become 'pizza experts'. They'll then evaluate their creations by looking at what they liked about their priduct and how they could improve them in the future.


Some ideas for home:-

  • Grow your own food, begin to sow seeds to grow vegetables. Alternatively grow cress to find out about all the different parts of a plant. What does your plant need to survive?
  • Have a look around you at where different fruits and vegetables grow e.g. are they grown on a plant, tree or bush? Do we eat the root, stem, flower or fuit?
  • Look at different food packaging, what do you like about it and why?


Have fun!