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Year 1 & 2 - Mrs G Heald

Welcome to Year 1/2


We have had a fantastic first term and thoroughly enjoyed our work on The Gruffalo Topic.

Thankyou to everyone who made our Gruffalo Tea Party a huge success.


This term our topic is:

Image result for light and dark clipart


Over the next few week's we'll step back in time to investigate historical events and people, finding out all about Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Day. Following on from this we'll begin to investigate how the seasons are changing yet again and why this happens, which animals are heading for hibernation and what does it mean?

As part of our Road Safety week we will begin to investigate Light sources. What is a light source? What are natural sources of light? We'll find out about reflectors, shadows, silhouettes and will talk about safety. At the end of the term we'll investigate materials to help our teddy bears create their very own reflective jackets to stay safe on the cold, dark nights.


This term we will also focus on Anti-Bullying week and the importance of thinking about what we say and do to others and how it makes them feel. We need to make sure that we always talk to an adult or someone we trust if we are ever worried about anything in or out of school.


We hope you enjoy this term!