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Mrs Naylor’s Class Newsletter

23.04.18- 27.04.18

Message from the teachers:

We have now started our new topic called 'Rumble in the Jungle'. This week the children have enjoyed learning about different types of birds and they have been hunting for these around school. See if you can find any at home and use your bar chart to record each time you see one. You can keep this sheet at home so don't worry about returning it to school.


Next week’s learning:


Next week the children will be practising a wide range of maths skills to make sure that we are secure with these. This skills will include:

  • Addition (one-digit and two-digit)

  • Subtraction (one-digit and two-digit) 

  • Multiplication

  • Division

  • Fractions of a number

  • Finding missing numbers



Next week’s learning:


The children will be continuing their new unit about recounts.  Next week they will be working towards the objectives: 


    • I can write instructions about how to make my cake using a range of skills.
    • I can plan a recount
    • I can write an engaging recount using a wide range of skills.

Next week’s learning:


Next week the children will be thinking about what birds eat. They will be  learning what to put into a bird feeder and getting very messy making these too. We hope that when they bring them home they will put them in the garden to see which birds they attract. After this, the children will move onto learning about invertebrates and finding out which animals are invertebrates. During this lesson the children will  also think about the life cycle of a butterfly.

Our certificate winner this week is...




Important Dates


  • Thursday 3rd May-Picnic Day

  • Thursday 24th May- Class photograph day.

  • Friday 25th May- Children break up for May half term.

  • Monday 4th June- Children return to school.