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Mrs Naylor’s Class Newsletter

Spring 2

Message from the teachers:

Welcome back to school!


We hope that you've all had a fantastic half term. This term we welcome Miss Tellier to our clasroom who will be our class teacher until the end of the school year; Mrs Pepper and Mrs Nittayawan will also be with us as normal.

We cannot wait to begin our new topic Fun Food Factory. Please see our web page or skills grid for more information.

This half term's learning:



This term we will continue to consolidate our knowledge and ability to describe shapes using their properties. Can you describe 2D and 3D shapes to your family using the language veritces, faces, edges, symmetry, irreular and regular.


We will then move on to measures. During this unit the children will focus on reading and making times, o'clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and then to the nearest 5 minutes. They will also investigate weight, capacity and length using the correct units of measurment. As they are working the children will meet these measures through problem solving questions to deepen their understanding.





This half terms learning:


The children will be complete the following units this half term:

Fairy Tales

  • I can identify and talk about the features of a fairy tale.
  • I can read and discuss which are my favoutire fairy tales and why.
  • I can use the features of a fairy tale to plan and write my own.



This terms learning:


This half term our topic will be the 'Fun Food Factory'. During this topic the children will learn:

  • I can investigate a food product.
  • I can design, create and evaluate a food product.
  • I can investigate the artist Roy Lichtenstein.
  • I know where my food comes from.


Don't forget to keep checking our gallery for photographs of the children completing these activities.