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Mrs Heald's Class Newsletter

Autumn Term  2

Message from the teachers:


We just want to wish everyone a fantastic term.

Thankyou for attending Parents meetings, it was lovely to meet you all and to celebrate your children's achievements last term.


We'll be handing out the parts for the school Christmas play. Please can you help your child to learn their words.


This term's learning:


We have been investigating the patterns with numbers when counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10. The children have been making numbers using a variety of equipment e.g. coins, numicon, base 10 and counters.

We'll soon be moving on to Solving Calculation Problems where we will investigate addition, subtraction, number bonds to 10 and 20 and caluclation problems.



Don't forget if you are looking at number calculations at home the = sign represents the number sentence balancing itself out (equal to) e.g.

4 + 4 = 8 can also be written as 8 = 4 + 4


This term's learning:


The children have done so well with their writing this last term. We are proud of them for applying their phonic knowledge, thiking about the correct letter formation and for using interesting adjectives.



We will begin our new topic 'Stories involving Fantasy'. The children will investigate different fantasy characters, settings and props e.g. wands and potions.  They will learn about story openings e.g. once upon a time and will continue to develop their ability to join sentences using conjunctions to help their stories flow.

Throughout this they will be reading and acting out different Fantasy stories.


Have a look at home to see if you can find any stories involving fantasy. You could build up a collection of characters and settings to share at school.

This term’s learning:


Our topic 'Polar Adventures' is about to begin and the children will have great fun creating their polar teams. Throughout the topic they will work within their polar teams to find out where the poles are, what the weather and landscape is like there and how to travel to and around the North and South Poles. They will also think about the equipment they would need to travel to such different climates. We'll find out about historical explorers such as Scott and Edmundson and how their expeditions went.


We cannot wait to share our Polar Adventures with you.

Important Dates

12th - Anti-Bullying Week (Odd socks Day)

Friday 16th Novemeber - Children in Need Day (Bright colours)

Thursday 29th November - Sleeping Beauty KS1 & FS2 Panto

    "                                    - KS1 Picnic Day

Friday 30th November - Xmas Fair 5 - 7.30pm


Wednesday 5th December - Our Christmas Play

Wednesday 12th December - Christmas Dinner Day

Friday 14th December - Chistmas Jumper Day

Thursday 20th December - Christmas Party Day (Children come to school in party clothes)

Friday 21st December - School closes for Christmas