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Mrs Heald's Class Newsletter

Spring Term 2

Message from the teachers:

Welcome back after the half term, we hope you've all had a great week and are ready to be back at school. In 3 weeks time we say goodbye to Mr Carnwell who has absolutely loved his time with us. We wish him well as he returns to continue his teacher training in another school.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and celebrate all the achievements of the children in the class during Parent's Meetings. We are so proud of their progress.

Thankyou for attending our Dinosaur Exhibition, the children were delighted to share their Diorama's, clay models, skeletons, Arlo masks and fact posters with you all. It was great to hear new language such as 'Paleontologists' being used, whilst they explained their work. smiley


Thankyou for signing up to Class Dojo, it has been lovely to share the work in the classroom with you all at home. The children are fascinated by this!

I hope it's another great term!


This term's learning:




This term we will be investigating 2D and 3D shapes, identifying, sorting and grouping shapes. The children will be using the language corner/vertice, edge, face to talk about 3D shapes - cuboid, cube, sphere, cylinder, cone and pyramid. They will also hunt for circle, square, quarilateral, rectangle, hexagon, pentagon  and triangle shapes within the environment.


We are continuing our work on addition and subtraction with Year 2 children becoming more confident adding and subtracting two, two digit numbers.


As well as this, the children will investigate time - o'clock, half past and some will look at quarter to and quarter past.

This term's learning:


During our grammar work we will be learning about apostrophe's for contracted words e.g. don't and for possesive e.g. Mrs Heald's. We'll be continuing to rehearse the use of different conjunctions in our work e.g. when, if, but, because, and. To develop our story writing, the children have been learning about different sentence types e.g. exclamation, question, commands and statements. The Year 2 children will be trying to ensure that they use a variety of these in their writing.


Our first Literacy unit is Letters and then we begin learning about Fairy Tales this term.

The children be learning about the features of these two different text types. They will read a variety of letters and tales and will use these to help them create their own.



This term’s learning:


Fun Food Factory,


We cannot wait to begin this topic as we love food! During this term the children will investigate different food packaging to say which logo's they like and why. They'll try different foods to say which they like and will begin to design their own pizza's. I wonder what they will choose as their base, sauce and toppings?

The children will investigate the work of Roy Lichtenstein and use his style to create their own pizza packaging boxes. Once we've made all of these delicious pizzas the children will evaluate their work to say what they like about it and why.


Alongside this, we need to think about where the food we eat comes from and how it's grown.

We've got so much to do!



Important Dates

25th February -- Return to school

14th March - Year 1 phonics information evening

11th April - School Close for Easter

12th April - INSET day