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Mrs Heald's Class Newsletter

Autumn Term

Message from the teachers:


Welcome back to everyone. We cannot wait to begin the term and meet all of the children.


This term's learning:


This term we will begin by completing assessments to understand what the children already know. Then we begin our work on number and place value. The children will be completing a range of activities that involve learning about numbers, what a number represents, creating a number using different equipment and explaining their understanding of patterns of numbers to their friends.

This term's learning:


We begin this term with our topic 'Labels, lists, captions and posters'. The children will be identifying labels and using them to add more description to their work. They'll search for captions in their reading and use them in their writing. We'll design Circus posters identifying the features and using these to create our own. Finally the children will be thinking about how lists are made, when they are used and what makes a list different from a story.


Once we have completed all of this we will move on to stories set in Familiar settings. This is a lovely opportunity for the children to share their fantastic story ideas. We'll look in detail at a story, identifying the setting, characters, feellings and will put the events in order. The children will think about how to use adjectives and interesting details to engage the reader when they come to write their own stories.


Throughout all of this, the children will be working on their handwriting and their identification and use of punctuaion.

This term’s learning:


The circus is a fantastic topic and allows the children the opportunity to have a go at circus skills first then step back in time to identify how the circus began. Once the children have created timelines we'll move on to look at colours at the circus. We'll focus on primary and secondary colours, creating our own paintings and exploring shades. After this we'll be inspired by the work of Kandinsky and will try to recreate our own.



The children will be looking at  variety of materials throughout this topic and will be thinking about which are living - non-living and never been alive.

Important Dates


  • Wednesday 12th Sept - Circus day at school.
  • Thursday 13th Sept - Welcome meeting 9am Year 1 & 2 classroom
  • Wednesday 19th Sept - Library opening Year 1 & 2
  • Thursday 20th Sept - Individual school photographs
  • Tuesday 2nd Oct - Harvest Assembly 9.15am Year 2 parents welcome
  • Wednesday 3rd Oct - School Council Voting
  • W/b - Monday 22nd October - Parent's meeting week- More details to follow shortly.
  • Friday 26th October - School closes for half term.