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PE and Sport Premium

Welcome to our School Sports Funding Page

School Sports Funding is a Government initiative that aims to fund improvements in PE and school sport as part of the 2012 Olympic Games Legacy. In April 2013 it was announced that funding of £450 million would be made available for physical education (PE) and sport, to be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. Funding has been allocated to all maintained and state-funded schools with primary phase pupils from 1 September 2013. A typical primary school receives about £9,000 anually.

Schools are free to determine how best to use this funding to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision, including increasing participation in PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of

Homefields Funding

PE and Sports Premium allocation for 2017-18 is estimated at £18,000. We are currently updating the school sports premium action plan for 2017-18. This will outline how we intend to spend the funding and the impact it will have for your childen. 


PE and Sport Premium allocation for 2016-17 was £9180

We access a lot of our support / training and resources from Derby City Schools Partnership

The activity wheel below shows what we accessed as a school during 2016-17



  • Provide specific training for staff to develop their teaching of high quality PE.
  • Access a mentoring training package to give specialist support to teachers.
  • Purchase resources that will enhance our PE and sport curriculum.
  • Provide training in PE for Newly Qualified Teachers.
  • To provide “Zoned “playground areas to promote Daily Physical Activity.

How we are using the funding

  • Purchased new equipment to support the teaching of games in Key Stage 2.
  • Accessed training in the following areas:
  • Teaching Gymnastics in Key Stage 1
  • Teaching Gymnastics in Key Stage 2
  • Purchased play equipment for use at lunchtimes.
  • Subscribed into the School Sports Partnership package which entitles the school to:
    • Staff training
    • Entry into city wide sports competitions
    • Regional and National updates
    • INSET training for all staff.
  • Providing additional release time for the PE Coordinator and Sports leader to plan for competitions.

How the funding will impact our school PE, Sport and Physical well being

  • Children will receive high quality PE delivery in all aspects of PE
  • All teaching staff will have received training in order to develop skills and knowledge in PE.
  • Children will have access to a wider range of equipment and sporting opportunities.
  • Increased participation at sports events.

We are excited by the opportunities to develop PE and school sport at Homefields and are proud of our children's desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.