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Miss Daley's Class Newsletter

Updated 23.05.18 for Summer 2 Term.


Message from the teachers:


As a team the Key Stage One team have decided that the newsletter will be done half termly rather than weekly. The newsletter will contain information about upcoming topics that will be covered in learning time and dates for the diary.


Weekly awards for the children will be announced in class.

Next week’s learning:


The children will spend the next half term looking at multiplication and division and the connection between the two operations. The next unit of numeracy will require the children to interpret data and present this information in a variety of forms, such as; bar charts and tally charts and pictograms. After this learning topic we will move onto understanding changes in time, for example; seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. As we move towards the end of term the children will be working on position, direction and movement.

Next week’s learning:


When we return from the half term break we will be working on our letters topic. Our letter work will be themed around the film Moana. We will be looking at the features of letters and eventually we will write our own letter to Moana.


Over the next term the children will be looking at fairy tales. They will look at the genre of writing and its specific features. Our learning will be story based and we will read and analyse the tales. The children will be writing their own fairy tale at the end of the unit and we will revise and edit it to make improvements.


Lastly, we will have lots of fun working on silly poems together. This will help the children with their ability to read aloud and use expression in their voice.

 Next week’s learning:


The children will be working on their topic of Aliens this half term. We will be taking the perspective of an alien that has just discovered planet Earth. As a class we'll be explaining a variety of concepts to the alien, for example:


  • What humans are? (organs and skeletal structure).
  • How we make our appliances work? (electricity work).
  • How our environment works? (plant/animal life cycles and food chains).


Important Dates


  • The phonics screening is in mid June.
  • INSET day is on the 18th June. The children do not attend school on this day.
  • The children will have a LEGO robotics session during June to enhance their ICT skills.
  • Move up morning (where the children experience what it is like to be in the next year group with their next teacher in preparation for the new academic year) will be held on the 3rd July.
  • Open evening will be held in the 1st week of July.
  • The end of year reports will be given out to parents on the 13th July.
  • The week beginning the 16th July is Healthy Living Week (the children will be focusing on; balanced diets, exercise and how to maintain good hygiene).
  • The whole school sports day will be held on the 17th July.
  • On the 19th July there will be Key Stage One track events as part of our Health Living Week.
  • The last school day of the academic year is the 25th July.