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Foundation Stage 2 Mrs Rollerson & Miss Draper

Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!


Here is our fantastic team:

(Left to Right) Mrs Thornley, Miss Fearn, Mrs Rollerson, Mrs Werbowy, Miss Draper, Mrs Peacham, Mrs Gaskill and Mrs Wagg!



We have had lots of fun so far this term and learned so much about becoming a superhero! We are currently on a mission to get Santa's hat back from the evil villain Zat! (He is very bad!).We used the attaching and measuring skills we have learned and made masks and we are now making WANTED posters so that everyone knows what Zat looks like and knows what he has done. We have lots more to do, but we are that step closer to completing 'Mission get back Santa's hat!'


Take a look at the amazing flying we did: